Academic Support Programs

Academic Practice Time (APT)
Each student is scheduled into a section of APT which meets daily for 30 minutes. APT allows students to begin their homework as well as access computers on our campus. Textbooks are available in each classroom for student use.
Homework Hour 
 Homework Hour provides individual or small group tutoring before or after school with a teacher.  Students may choose to work on any assignments and are encouraged to attend if they need extra help with work. Homework Hours are Monday thru Friday 7:45am - 8:15am and Monday thru Friday during lunch.  
After School Academic Support occurs at least once per month throughout the year.  EWMS core teachers are available to provide additional academic support to students on designated Thursdays from 2:50-4:30 pm.  Students can receive extra help in academic subject areas. Most departments will accept SOME make-up work completed at Academic Support School for full or partial credit.
Organizational Support*

Students are taught effective skills and habits to stay organized. Over the course of a month students are educated on how to organize their binders, how to effectively use their agenda, how to check missing grades in AERIES, how to use their time in APT wisely, and how to study at home. 


Math Lab*

Meets during APT for 30 minutes and supports students who need extra help with only math.  Students are nominated by their math teacher. During math lab a student works with a math teacher and peer tutors.