Get your pictures in the yearbook! The Yearbook Staff invites students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook. If you've got great photos of school, sports, and community events or you and your friends just having fun, we'd like to see them. Our photographers can't be everywhere. Help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific book everyone will want to have.
Here is how you can submit photos online:
  • Go to:
  • If it does not automatically log you into the site, enter username:400143406 and password:yearbook
  • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload.
  • Enter information about the photo(student(s) names, and activity) and provide contact information in case the staff needs additional information.
  • Click "Upload Chosen Images".
It's that easy! Submit your photos today! The last day to submit the photos is 1/11/2013. Please note: The Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content. We cannot guarantee that all submissions can be used in the book.
Yearbook is responsible for producing the Earl Warren Yearbook that is distributed at the end of each school year. Yearbook members take pictures throughout the year of school activities and design the yearbook's layout and theme.  Students who apply to be on Yearbook are enrolled in the class as an elective 1st period.  To find out about Yearbook’s roles and functions or getting into Yearbook, ask someone who is in Yearbook, ask Mrs. Austin, or visit the EWMS Yearbook website linked below.