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Earl Warren Middle School

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When do students receive their schedules?  
Student schedules will be available the first day of school.  Students should arrive at least 15 minutes early to pick up their class schedules.

How do I make a schedule change? 
It is important your child’s schedule is correct beginning the first day of school.  If a change is needed, please call your child’s counselor during the two weeks BEFORE the first day of school.  Once school starts only misplaced students will have the opportunity to change schedules.  If you are concerned that your student is misplaced, please contact the teacher for more information.  Once both you and the teacher feel a class change is in order, please send your child in to see his/her counselor with a note from the teacher.

What is the drop policy for classes?
Changes after the start of school will occur only if a student is misplaced or unless it is necessary to balance class sizes. If a student requests a change after school starts in their schedule it is not guaranteed. 

What classes will my child be taking? 
All students take:
•One year-long elective or two semester-long electives
(Note: NOT necessarily in this order)

How do I receive my student's quarter and semester grades?Parents will be retrieving their student's quarter and semester grades online via the Aeries Information Portal. Students who are falling below the “C” range in a class at the 5th week of a quarter will receive an electronic deficiency grade report in addition to quarter and semester grades.  The grade reporting dates are posted under the Grade Reporting link.  Mark them on your calendar and let your child know you will be checking the Aeries Portal.  Grade reporting reminders will also be sent home via the Seahawk News Weekly Bulletin.

If you need a hard copy of your student's progress report/report card, you or your student can pick up a print out at the counseling office.

What should I do if my child is not meeting my academic expectations? 
Begin by implementing the strategies in What Every EW Parent Needs To Know. If any part of the plan is not successful, A Parent’s Guide to Improving Your Child’s Grades outlines other strategies that work and offers troubleshooting ideas.  After following these steps, if you still don’t see results, please call your child’s counselor.

When should we contact the counselor? 
The purpose of the school counselor is to work with students, parents and teachers to support students in reaching their potential. There are many reasons why a student may be struggling.  A few of these reasons are:
•Student lacks the necessary skills.
•Student lacks the necessary parental or school support.
•Overwhelming emotional issues are not allowing student to stay focused in class and learn.
•Student has a learning disability.
•Student lacks connection to school.

If, after working with your child’s teachers and trying the strategies outlined on this website, your child still isn’t reaching his/her potential, please call or email the counselor.  The counselor may be able to provide insight on what the issue might be, or offer suggestions on how to handle a situation. 

How do I contact the counselor?
By phone at (858)755-1558 ext. 4454 or by email.  All calls and emails will be returned by the next day if at all possible.  If you would like to make an appointment to see the counselor, please call the counseling secretary at ext. 4410. 

What should we do if we have a concern with a teacher?

 We believe that every teacher at EW has something special to offer students.  For this reason, the district policy of not changing teachers when a problem arises is strictly followed.  Instead, contact the teacher directly about the issue.  The best way to contact the teacher is through email at (first name).(last name)  If, after working with the teacher, the issues are still not resolved, please contact your child’s counselor.  Helpful strategies will be offered to resolve the issues and to help teach the student valuable interpersonal skills and how to deal with conflict.