College Career Readiness

California Career Zone

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Our School Counselor meets with all students to introduce the California CareerZone system and guides students through a career exploration activity.  The California CareerZone system is a career exploration website that allows students and job seekers to learn more about themselves and the world of work.  Students can explore careers, colleges, degrees and job opportunities.
Seee the guidance lesson Mrs. Craven presented to both 7th and 8th graders by clicking here.

 As part of our ongoing work to ensure that all SDUHSD graduates are college and career ready, a committee of counselors has met over the last year to develop a model six-year plan outlining the activities in which each student should engage in grades 7-12 in order to be college and career ready upon graduation. This plan consists of the activities in which we would like all students, not just college-bound students, to engage over the course of their six years in the district. With the draft of this plan completed, we are now investigating the tools that will best support the implementation of a six-year college and career readiness plan for all students. For many years, our district has used an online program called Naviance as the primary tool to assist students, families and staff with college and career planning. Our current investigation includes Naviance as well as additional available options. There are a number of platforms available that can duplicate and/or complement the tools Naviance provides. Our goal is to identify a platform, or suite of platforms, that will provide all of the functionality needed to support all students, not just our college-bound students, in their six year college and career planning process.

While we’ve not yet made a decision regarding continuing our relationship with Naviance, regardless of outcome, we are committed to ensuring that our students and families continue to have access to the tools needed to support the college investigation and application processes, particularly for our current 11th graders who are using Naviance during the 2017-18 school year. Naviance will continue to be available for use throughout this school year. We will provide further communication with updates to our students and families throughout the year.