Student Involvement Opportunities

Athletics:  The Boys & Girls club of San Dieguito provides the sports program for all of the middle schools in our district.  For more information contact the Athletics Program hotline at 858.755.9371.
Fall Sports: Boy's & Girls Cross Country; Co-Ed Flag Football; Girls Volleyball
Winter Sports: Boys Basketball; Girls Field Hockey
Spring Sports: Boys & Girls Track; Boys & Girls Golf; Girls Basketball; Boys Volleyball
Community Service: For those of you who want to "give back" to your school or community, there are a number resources available.  Search logically, and carefully, and be prepared to do some legwork; opportunities don't usually "fall into your lap..." See you counselor for a list of organizations in your community that typically need volunteers.
Geography Bee:  The competition is conducted through the National Geography Society. The students learn about world geography through a series of written tests with one student emerging to represent EWMS at the next level.
Leadership:  This is an elective course (application is required) where students are provided learning experiences in areas of planning, implementation and evaluation of programs.  Improved time management, goal setting, communication and organization skills are stressed.  The class participates in planning and organizing campus activities.  In addition, students will use journalistic techniques to present news regarding Earl Warren and current events on campus or in the community to the Earl Warren student body.
Science Olympiad:  Earl Warren is proud of its award winning Science Olympiad team.  If you are interested in science, consider yourself to be a science whiz, or would like to become one, you can bring science to life by participating on the Science Olympiad team.  You can participate in a competition with other middle school teams in events such as: Science Crime Buster, Fossils, Bottle Rocket, Wheeled Vehicle, Robot Ramble and more.