STEM EXPLORATION Grade Level: 7 & 8 This course will provide students with an exploratory experience in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). Students will be exposed to a variety of STEM experiences through project based learning and will have opportunities to participate in various engineering design challenges while exploring their creativity through the various concepts covered. These concepts may include coding, robotics and automation, design and modeling, among other topics.
ADVANCED STEM Grade Level 7 & 8 (Online Application Form for Advanced STEM required) This course builds on the foundation of design thinking and problem solving developed in STEM Explorations (or other comparable course of study.) Students acquire experience with robotics and programming using diverse platforms, including EV3 Robotics and a variety of micro-controllers and sensors. Students collaborate to develop creative solutions to engineering challenges that utilze a wide variety of materials. Participation in student directed projects allows students to purse their interests as they develop a maker-mindset and critical thinking skills necessary to see a project from conception to completion. The course has been designed to be taken more than once because pupils are exposed to new curriculum year to year and are therefore expected to derive educational value from taking the course again. 
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