School Closure Support

Dear EWMS Families,
We hope all EW students and their families are doing well during this unique time. We want to ensure student support continues to be available to each of our students. As our focus this week is on reconnecting and re-engaging, please review the below information with your student. 

Counseling-related questions or needs (non-emergency):

    • Option 1 (preferred): All students & parents/guardians can access our Google form:EW Non emergency counseling request form should they have an academic, or social-emotional need or question. All inquiries will go to Jessica Craven, school counselor who will work with other support team members when needed (school psychologist/student support specialist) to address questions/needs. All Inquiries will be reviewed Monday-Friday 8:15am-2:45pm and students/parents can expect a response within 48 hours. 
    • Option 2: email Jessica Craven, school counselor or other support team member (Jennifer Emberger, school psychologist or Rachel Gasca, student support specialist) should you already be in communication with them.

All Families